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   PRACTICE: Comprehensive Architectural Services
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  1. Meet with client to review the scope of the project.
  2. Meet with client (and builder) at owner's lot to review conditions and setting for the architectural design.
  3. Discuss project schedule.
  4. Establish the architectural fee, sign agreements and obtain architectural retainer.

Preliminary Design

  1. Review of local codes, covenants and zoning ordinances.
  2. Review preliminary design checklist with client.
  3. Prepare preliminary architectural plans based on the client's design requirements and discuss alternate design options.
  4. Prepare preliminary exterior elevations.
  5. Prepare site plan.
  6. Coordinate with required consultants, to obtain topography, soil borings and septic perc tests if required.
  7. Meetings with client (and builder) during the initial design process.
  8. Review construction budget based on preliminary design.

Design Development

  1. Develop and revise the architectural plans and exterior elevations based on approved preliminary design.
  2. Numerous design meetings to review comprehensive design checklist and review alternate products.
  3. Prepare interior elevations of significant rooms.
  4. Discuss the interior and exterior room finishes.
  5. Prepare 3-D CAD drawings if requested as additional services.
  6. Attend meeting with architectural review committee, if required.
  7. Review and update cost estimates as necessary.

Construction Documents

  1. Finalize construction drawings based on approved design drawings.
  2. Meet with client as necessary to finalize construction documents.
  3. Coordinate drawings with selections by interior designer, landscape designer, lighting consultant and any other consultants involved in project.
  4. Document selections made by client on construction documents.
  5. Prepare details for unusual conditions of construction.
  6. Provide drawings necessary to meet requirements of local building department and architectural review committee.

Bidding and Permit Process

  1. Coordinate and answer questions by subcontractors.
  2. Attend meeting with client and builder during the final bidding process.
  3. Submit drawings required for the building permit and revise drawings if required.

Construction Phase

  1. Provide shop review of product submittals such as windows, trusses, plumbing selections or other such products.
  2. Provide periodic site visits to review construction in place, answer any questions and discuss any field adjustments that may be needed or desired.
  3. Review ramifications of suggested changes in the design or construction.
  4. Attend meetings with client and builder as requested.
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